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After Hours Care

Pediatricians located in West End & Downtown, Billings, MT

When your child is sick or injured, it’s hard to focus on anything else. That’s why the team at the Children’s Clinic, with offices on the West End and in downtown Billings, Montana, offers after-hours care to meet your family’s needs. When your child needs prompt medical care, call to determine your next steps. Same-day visits are available, and online appointment requests are an option for less urgent booking needs.

After Hours Care Q&A

When should I seek after-hours care?

Many parents struggle with the decision about whether their child needs after-hours care. Kids who don’t feel well may want to stay home where they’re most comfortable, and parents often feel certain that symptoms will ease over time. 

The team at the Children’s Clinic understands the stress of caring for a sick or injured child. Symptoms can worsen with little notice, and what began as a seemingly minor issue can quickly escalate into a serious medical concern. 

Illness doesn’t follow a schedule, and kids can get sick any time of day or night. In many cases, you may not even know your child is sick until you pick them up from school or daycare, a time when most pediatric practices close for the day. That’s why the practice offers after-hours care.

Having a trusted medical team available in the evening hours and on Saturdays and Sundays can make it far easier for parents to navigate these scenarios, and peace of mind is something in short supply when you’re worried about your child. 

What if my child needs specialized care?

The Children’s Clinic offers a wide range of pediatric care, including outstanding diagnostic services. There are situations, though, when specialized care is the best option for your child’s needs. 

In those instances, your pediatrician helps you find the right specialist for your child’s specific health challenges. Once you begin specialized care, your pediatrician remains in contact with the extended care team, ensuring to establish excellent continuity of care to ease the transition back into primary pediatric services. 

The details of your child’s specialized care are part of their personal medical record. Over time, this document becomes an important resource to guide their health care as they transition into adulthood and beyond. 

How do I know where to turn to for after-hours care? 

The Children’s Clinic can treat many common urgent care needs. The practice is staffed with board-certified providers who only see kids, and who have the training and experience needed to address a wide range of pediatric health needs. Additionally, it’s helpful to utilize after-hours care over urgent care for non-emergency needs because the providers at the Children’s Clinic already know your child and have access to their complete medical history.  

Some of the issues that could prompt an after-hours or same-day sick visit to the Children’s Clinic include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Sore throat
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Cold or flu symptoms
  • Allergic reactions

Of course, there are circumstances in which emergency treatment is the best course of action. If your child is experiencing uncontrolled bleeding, chest pain, breathing difficulties, or has lost consciousness, the emergency room is the right setting to seek treatment. 

For less urgent needs, the Children’s Clinic is open seven days a week, including up to 7pm on weekdays as well as full days on Saturday and half days on Sunday.

Office hours extend to 7pm on weekdays, and parents can take advantage of these hours for when they pick their kids up after work from school or daycare and realize they need to see a provider. Telemedicine is also an option, allowing you to connect with your child’s doctor from home.

When your child needs health services, call the Children’s Clinic to set up an appointment or request an appointment online.

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