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Safely Attend School

A school physical is a physical exam that schools may require. The purpose of the exam is to make sure your child can safely attend school. More specifically, the school physical focuses on making sure your child has vaccines that protect them from common contagious illnesses.

The Children’s Clinic provides all the required vaccines children need to support their immune system defense against these contagious diseases. Schools are places where germs easily pass from child to child, given their frequent close contact with other kids.

Many schools require children to have certain vaccines and health screenings before they start school. That ensures your child and the other children attending the school don’t get sick.

When it’s time for kids to go back to school, they may need a physical. That ensures your child and the other children attending the school don’t get sick.

The team of board-certified pediatric providers at the Children’s Clinic, with offices on the West End and in downtown Billings, Montana, can help. They perform school physicals and complete the required paperwork for students throughout Billings and the surrounding areas.

School Physical Q&A

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When do children need a school physical?

There are many times when a child may need a school physical. Most schools require a physical exam and paperwork for all new students. Your child may need a school physical before starting preschool, kindergarten, high school, or college.

They may also need a school physical if transferring from one school to another or going from public to private school, or vice versa.

Your child may also need a physical if they plan on participating in school-related physical activities, such as intramural sports or joining one of the school sports teams.

What happens during a school physical?

Your child’s school physical details may depend on their age and the reason they need the physical.

Your provider may first ask about your child’s general health and well-being and any concerns you have. They perform a physical that might include:

  • Check of height and weight
  • Measurement of heart rate and blood pressure
  • Evaluation of vision and hearing
  • Assessment of reflexes
  • Palpation of internal organs

Your provider may also provide vaccines based on your child’s age and need, including booster shots. Then, they complete the required paperwork provided by the school.

The team may also provide additional recommendations based on your child’s medical history and developmental needs following their school physical.

When your child needs a school physical, the team at the Children's Clinic can help. The office is open seven days a week and provides services after-hours, making it easy for you to schedule your child’s visit.