Pediatric Services

Children’s Clinic of Billings

We're here to provide high-quality care to kids and teens who need it.

At Children's Clinic, we provide high-quality care for children of all ages. Our pediatrics team comprises experienced and caring providers dedicated to providing the best possible care for your child.

We offer a wide range of services, including routine checkups, sports physicals, urgent care/sick visits, and immunizations (including COVID vaccines). We also offer a variety of other services including breastfeeding support, and management of chronic diseases (i.e.- depression, anxiety, ADHD, asthma, etc.). Beginning Fall 2022, Children’s Clinic also offers integrated behavioral health services to better care for our patient’s mental health needs!  Whatever your child’s needs may be, you can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality care at our clinic.

Little boy with a stethoscope checking his teddy bear's heartbeat

Well-child visits are the foundation of good pediatric care and likely make up the majority of your time spent at the Children’s Clinic.

baby with blue eyes in a comfortable blanket

Your child’s pediatrician can begin care on the day of birth and continue to track health and development as your baby grows.

A family physician listening to the heartbeat of a girl who is hugging her fluffy bear

Caring for a sick child is a stressful experience. Our professional team offers sick visits during extended hours, including on weekends.

A woman with glasses sitting at a table with a curly-haired boy who is drawing on his book

When your child is sick or injured, it’s hard to focus on anything else. That’s why we offer after-hours care to meet your family’s needs.

A long straight-haired teenager talking to a specialist in adolescent health

It encompasses the dynamic needs of adolescents from ages 13-19 since children experience significant physical, emotional, and mental changes.

A boy playing baseball with his red and white uniform

The purpose of a sports physical is to make sure your child can safely participate in their chosen sport and reduce their risk of developing an injury.

A short-haired woman wearing a face mask gives antibacterial gel to her child who is also wearing a white face mask

While most people who get COVID-19 experience mild, cold-like symptoms, some children and teens experience more severe symptoms and even death.

A family physician disinfects the arm of a girl, who is hugging her teddy bear, to get it ready for a vaccine.

Medical injections that protect your child from getting sick from a contagious disease. Vaccines train the body to fight off infections faster.

A happy family formed by two boys and their parents are on a psychological appointment

Behavioral health is an aspect of wellness related to the habits and behaviors that result from a child's psychological and emotional state.

A short-haired woman sitting on a white rocking chair while breastfeeding her baby

Also known as colostrum, early breast milk is very rich in nutrients and antibodies to protect your newborn or baby.

A mom sitting on a white couch gives the inhalator to her child who has asthma

A chronic condition that causes inflammation in the airways that bring oxygen from the mouth into the lungs, making it difficult to breathe.

Hand of a doctor with a blue glove holding a blood test

From time to time, lab tests are an important addition to your child’s health care. Lab draws are available at our two locations.

A little girl sitting on the carpet plays with some colorful wood blocks on a round table while a woman observes her and takes notes

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that affects many children, often continuing into adulthood.

Parents hug their child who is sad while all of them are in a therapy session

Pediatric mental health focuses on protecting, monitoring, and supporting your child's psychological and emotional needs, especially in the teen years.

healthy plates of food with fruits and vegetables

Few things are more important to pediatric health than nutrition, yet this is an area where many parents feel they need additional support.

a sad little brunette girl with wavy hair sitting on the floor and leaning against a bookcase

Anxiety and depression are mental health problems that affect your child's ability to cope with stress and how they feel about themselves and others.

A boy with his mom at his pediatric online appointment

Instead of an in-office visit, you meet with a provider from a place that’s convenient for you through a safe and secure video conferencing system.

A red-haired girl on her bed sneezing

When children with allergies come in contact with their allergen, their immune system releases antibodies to attack the foreign substance.

Kids sitting at a table are answering some questions while the teacher explains

A school physical is a physical exam that schools require. The purpose of the exam is to make sure your child can safely attend school.

A red-haired baby with blue eyes getting his developmental screening by a board-certified pediatrician

Developmental screening involves using different assessment tools designed and proven to effectively monitor your child’s growth and development.

An amazed black colored skin little boy sits on the grass while playing with colorful blocks

Circumcision is an elective procedure where a pediatrician removes a portion of skin called the foreskin from a male child’s penis.

premature baby in the incubator

Premature baby care involves extensive education for parents to learn all the aspects of their baby's medical and developmental needs.

A blond boy with a colorful stripe shirt playing with multicolored wood blocks

Kids with autism have developmental challenges that often affect their ability to succeed at home, school, and in social settings with their peers.

An amazed black colored skin little boy sits on the grass while playing with colorful blocks

We offer a wide range of pediatric care. There are situations, though, when specialized care is the best option for your child’s needs.