No-Show Policy

Children's Clinic in Billings, MT

We recognize that sometimes conflicts arise that prevent patients from attending scheduled appointments.

However, when patients fail to cancel scheduled appointments when conflicts arise, we miss an opportunity to schedule other patients in the appointment slot who may really need medical attention.

To provide quality care for as many patients as possible on any given day, we try to strictly adhere to the Children’s Clinic’s No-Show Policy, which states that patients who repeatedly no-show are at risk of being dismissed from the practice.

Mom and daughter at the pediatric appointment


A no-show is considered not showing up for a scheduled appointment, arriving more than 10 minutes late for the scheduled appointment, or phoning in to cancel/reschedule the appointment less than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.

If you are a new patient, you will be dismissed after your second missed new patient appointment.

Established patients may be dismissed should the family accrue four no-shows within a rolling twelve-month period. You will be notified via a letter to your home address if you have no-showed an appointment. Patient dismissal letters will be sent via certified mail. We will continue to see your children for acute care (sick) visits for 30 days following dismissal from the practice to allow you time to transition to a different clinic.


You may cancel an appointment at any time after scheduling up until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment by calling 406-281-8700 and choosing option 2.

There is no penalty for cancelling scheduled appointments ahead of time. We get it... stuff happens! We will work with you to reschedule your child's appointment for a date and time that work better for you and your family.