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FAQ's About Your Healthcare as a Teen

How will my visits as a teen be different than my visits as a younger kid?

You're probably used to coming to your visits and having your parents tell the doctor everything that's going on with you. As you transition into adulthood, it is still very important for parents to stay involved. However, we also want to help you take charge of your health and we will begin asking you, instead of your parent, more of the questions starting at age 12 and increasing each year. Your parents are welcome to chime in and fill in details, but this is your chance to begin developing independence and to learn how to talk to a healthcare provider about your health before you hit adulthood and are completely on your own. We offer a safe place for you to experience confidential interactions with healthcare providers trained to meet their needs.

​What does confidentially mean for you?

As you become older, we will provide time sessions with your health care provider to allow you to discuss sensitive topics with an expert. Confidentiality during healthcare appointments means that discussions you have with your healthcare provider will not be shared with anyone else including your parents. We do encourage strong communication between you and your parents, however, and are here to help you approach sensitive topics with them. Even if you feel the topic will be difficult for your parents or uncomfortable for you to talk about, they know your strengths and are, typically, the best people to help you through difficult times. The final decision on what will be shared with your parents is yours unless you are in danger, have suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or are in an abusive relationship.

We encourage you to check out this article about privacy with your healthcare provider. 

What it says is true... your provider: ° Respects your privacy.Has answered all kinds of questions from other teens. You're not going to surprise them even if it's tough for you to talk about!

° Is an expert in health issues and will want to ask you questions about your health to help you make healthy decisions.
° Can help you find a way to talk with your parents or other trusted adult(s) in your life.

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