laura nicholson

Dr. Laura Nicholson

I am a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician. I am a pediatrician who has extra training in the evaluation and care of children who are having difficulty doing what other children their age are able to do. I see children with conditions and disabilities that affect their development, such as autism, developmental delay, prenatal drug effects, premature birth and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. This can involve figuring out why the child has difficulty, treating medical conditions that affect their health, development and behavior and helping parents deal with difficult behaviors. Primarily I try and work with the parents to help maximize the child's potential.

As well as practicing Child Development, I am also a general pediatrician. Before my fellowship, I practiced general pediatrics for eleven years in Browning and Great Falls. I still practice general pediatrics in the clinic and hospital.

Medical School: University of Washington -- received a MD and Masters in Public Health in 1985.
Pediatric Residency: University of Utah (1985-88)
Fellowship in Child Behavior and Development: University of Washington (2001-2004)

Please check with your doctor before making an appointment. Your doctor may decide that other resources may be more appropriate. Also, many insurance companies will not pay for a consultation without a referral from your primary care doctor.

If you decide to make an appointment for consultation regarding a developmental or behavioral problem, there are a few things that will make our visit more worthwhile.

These may include:
1. Referral and notes from your primary care doctor.

2. Previous evaluations of your child's academic or cognitive abilities. If in school please bring along a copy of the last IEP.

3. A short form with questions about your child's development and your concerns.

4. If you are concerned that your child may have attention deficit disorder, we may want to have you and the teacher fill out some standardized rating scales before the appointment. Please call our office and we can sent you the appropriate forms.