About Us

The founders of The Children's Clinic, Drs. George Nelson, John Whittinghill and Paul Crellin met while in medical school at the Children's Hospital in Denver in the late 1940's. Dr. Nelson and Dr. Whittinghill started a private practice in Billings in 1950. After serving in the Korean War and as chief resident at Denver Children's Hospital, Dr. Crellin moved to Billings in 1953 with the express purpose of working with both Dr. Nelson and Dr. Whittinghill and The Children's Clinic was born!

The original clinic was located near downtown in the old Matt Woodrow Building while a building at 1224 N. 28th Street was under construction. The Children's Clinic moved to the 28th Street location in January of 1954, where we remained until moving the practice to the Medical Arts North Building across from St. Vincent Healthcare in August 1997. The Children's Clinic built and expanded to the west end of Billings in the summer of 2011 (referred to as our west end location) while maintaining a clinic space downtown. To accommodate an additional provider at our downtown location, The Children's Clinic built a beautiful expanded clinic space in the basement of their current downtown location in Fall 2018.

In the decades since our founding, Drs. Rick Stevens, Marian Kummer, and Alan Lewis joined our practice. Dr. Lewis left in 2003. More recently, Dr. Stevens retired in the Spring of 2014 after 39 years of practice! And Dr. Kummer retired in Spring 2017 after 36 years with The Children's Clinic!

We are exceptionally proud to have served the Billings community and surrounding areas for 64 years and counting. We currently have 13 excellent providers on our team: Dr. Teresa Blaskovich, Dr. Kyle Bodley, Dr. Gordon Collett, Dr. Tanya Jagodzinski, Dr. Janis Langohr, Dr. Laura Nicholson, Dr. David Standish, Dr. Lionel Tapia, Dr. JP Vilai, Dr. Kate Yapuncich, Dr. Shannon Yonts, Jean Braden, a Nurse Practitioner specializing in adolescent health, and Taylor Pohle, Physician Assistant.